In short, no. We don’t lease these by the room. Many of our 2 bedroom units are leased by a single person who just wants an extra bedroom to use as an office.

The more important question may be, do you want to rent by the bedroom? Many prospective resident like the idea of renting by the bedroom until they fully consider the ramifications. If you rent by the bedroom, then you are handing over responsibility of that room, for better and worse. This means that it’s not your money, but it’s also not your decision. So instead of finding a roommate and going in together with someone you mutually agree on, you would be stuck with whoever we decide to put in there. So with lack of responsibility also comes lack of choice. Something to think about before you jump off into that kind of living arrangement.

If you decide that’s the only way to go for you, then we’re not your place. Good luck!