Leasing Information

Thanks for visiting. We are sometimes not available by phone, so we try to make as much information available online as possible. We will try to keep this page updated with information on what type of units are available. Please feel free to contact us at anytime using the Contact Us about College Station Apartments online form. For other questions, please see our College Station Apartment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Residents section. Have a nice day.

Unit Availability

We have added an availability page for the latest information.

These units are being updated. We are new owners and local Aggie grads. We have 10 years of local property investment and management experience and very interested in making Holleman by the Park a great community to live in. Additions that we’re making to the property include updated flooring, fresh paint, wireless Internet access throughout, and more.

  • It’s a pet friendly property that is less than 1 mile from campus.
  • It’s also across the street from Anderson Park.
  • The large park contains five youth soccer fields of various sizes, two basketball courts, a playground, and a shelter with rest rooms.
  • It’s very close to the major HEB grocery store as well as Target and all of the stores in that center.
  • There is a TAMU Shuttle Bus pickup at the corner of Anderson and Holleman, so less than a block away.
Frequently Asked Questions

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[toggle title=”Q1. What bills are covered?” open=”no”]Answer: We provide water and wireless Internet access. We also provide regular pest control, lawn care, and weekly porter service to keep the place looking nice. The wireless is powered by a cable modem connection and although it has been very stable, there is no SLA with the wireless network. Residents pay individually metered electricity and cable (if you wanted it) by the unit. There is no gas (utilities) connected to the units, so no bill there.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q2. Are washers and dryers included?” open=”no”]Answer: Yes[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q3. How much does an average electricity bill cost each month?” open=”no”]Answer: Not sure. College Station Utilities does not make that public to us. The policy may have changed since writing this. You can reach them at: Utility Customer Service 310 Krenek Tap Rd PO Box 10230 College Station, TX 77840 979-764-3535 , 800-849-6623 979-764-ePAY , 979-764-3791 (fax)[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q4. Are parking fees included in my rent?” open=”no”]Answer: Yes. There are no additional parking fees.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q5. Do you allow pets?” open=”no”]Answer: Yes, we do allow pets. Up to two pets allowed. No more than 50 lbs combined weight. A pet agreement must be turned in to our office with any applicable deposit BEFORE the pet is brought on to the property. This is very important. As stated in your lease, a “Pet Agreement” or addendum is a separate agreement that is not covered by your lease. Pet deposits vary by year and are typically mostly refundable. There is no increase in monthly rent with the pet.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q6. When is my rent due and where do I pay it?” open=”no”]Answer: Please review your lease packet for specific dates, but typically tour rent is due on or before the 1st of the month. Your rent can be dropped off or mailed to the address at the property management office at BCR Realty: BCR Realty 700 University Dr. E., Suite 108 College Station, TX 77840 Make checks payable to: Holleman by the Park Be sure to put your unit number in the memo line of your check. You can visit the property managemetn website at: http://www.bcrbcs.com If you choose to drop your rent of in person, it must be received on or before the due date. If you mail it, it must be received by the due date, not just postmarked by the due date.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q7. What type of lease lengths do you offer? 3 month. 6 month. 9 month. 12 month. etc.” open=”no”]Answer: We typically offer only annual (12 month) or longer leases. This is especially true for leases beginning in late July or early August. It will be very rare for us to still have availability by that time. We typically only have availability in (late/early) Dec/Jan, May/Jun, and Jul/Aug. In the rare occasion that we have a unit that is still available after August 1st, we will offer a shorter term lease on it. Preferring at lease a May ending, but going off of the waitlist at that point. So if you’re looking to lease for just the fall, or the fall and spring, you can check our availability then and contact us if there is an opening. The other exceptions would be for the occasional December/January or May/June ending leases which is usually from a tenant that lived there long-term and was extended as a special case. Also in the case where someone were evicted for any reason. This type of unit availability and lease is rare and would be decided on a case-by-case basis. We do offer longer than a one year lease for those who would like to lock their rental rate in at the current pricing. Our rents have never gone down from one year to the next, so it could be a good investment.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q8. How can I access the wireless network?” open=”no”]Answer: For more information on the wireless network, please visit. http://wireless.hollemanbythepark.com If you are a resident and want to keep up to date on changes to the network, please register on this page by clicking the link at the top right.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q9. Is this on the TAMU shuttle route?” open=”no”]Answer: Yes, the closest location is less than a block away, close to the corner of Holleman and Anderson. It’s on the Anderson St. side of Anderson Park. As of this update, it’s TAMU Shuttle Route 28 – Rudder. For more information see: http://transport.tamu.edu > Transit > Off-Campus Routes > Route Maps[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q10. Are the patios fenced?” open=”no”]Answer: Yes[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q11. I have a rented unit, what is my mailing address?” open=”no”]Answer: Your mailing address would be: 1402 Holleman Dr. # College Station, TX 77840[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q12. Am I allowed to have a waterbed?” open=”no”]Answer:[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q13. Are the Tennis Courts at Bee Creek Park free?” open=”no”]Answer: Yes, I believe they are free. For more information please visit the City of College Station website at www.cstx.gov.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q14. Can you tell me more about the application and leasing process?” open=”no”]Answer: We use an industry standard Texas Apartment Association lease contract and application form. If you have leased before, it is likely just the newest version of what you previously signed. We do not currently have “online” applications. If you are interested in a unit, we can schedule a time for you to view the unit. If you decide to lease, then we will sit down with you and complete the application and lease paperwork. Your application fees and deposit will be due at time of lease signing. Your prorated 1st month’s rent and any pet addendum deposits can be paid when you pick up your keys at move-in time. We have a written qualification policy that covers whether or not you will need a guarantor. Unless you have been gainfully employed for two years, you will likely need a lease guarantor. That form can be downloaded and faxed in by your guarantor, so they do not have to attend the lease signing in person. If they are interested in attending, they are more than welcome as they will become party to the lease. Once your paperwork is completed, it will be processed by the property management personnel. They will notify you when the paperwork is completed and approved. If you want more details on the TAA lease, you can check their website at www.taa.org and search for “TAA Lease Contract Overview Video” which is an instructional video overview of the lease. If you cannot make it in town in person to fill out the paperwork, please check the FAQ for: What do I need to do if I’m completing a lease packet by mail? If you already signed a lease and want to know more about the move-in process, please see the FAQ: I preleased earlier, how do I get my key at move-in time? If you have any additional questions, please see the FAQ: What if I have a question that is not already answered here? Thank you.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q15. When is my first month’s rent due?” open=”no”]Answer: Your rent is due on or before the 1st of the month. This is true even when the 1st falls on a Sunday or holiday, so please plan in advance.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q16. I preleased earlier, how do I get my key at move-in time?” open=”no”]Answer: For move-in instructions, please visit: https://www.hollemanbythepark.com/Leasing/MoveIn[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q17. How do I request routine maintenance/repairs?” open=”no”]Answer: There are two ways to request routine maintenance/repairs to your unit: Submit a request in writing by dropping it off at the same location as your rent: Holleman by the Park 1511 Texas Ave. S. #175 College Station, TX 77840 Use the online Maintenance Form on the website: http://hollemanbythepark.com/Maintenance Please be sure to make a complete list for our maintenance staff so that we can minimize the number of times we have to enter your unit.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q18. Where can I download management forms and more information?” open=”no”]Answer:[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q19. What do I need to do if I’m completing a lease packet by mail?” open=”no”]Answer: Everything you need to know to get started can be found here: https://www.hollemanbythepark.com/Leasing/MailInLeasingPacket/[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q20. What if I have a question that is not already answered here?” open=”no”]Answer: If you have a question that is not currently answered on our website, please use the contact us area of the website to request more information. We look forward to helping you.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q21. How do I request EMERGENCY maintenance?” open=”no”]Answer: For EMERGENCY maintenance items (i.e. security risks or running water) and other emergency items, please contact the emergency maintenance contacts on the contact us page.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Q22. Where should I route a Rental Verification form?” open=”no”]Answer:[/toggle]

Styles of College Station Apartments

Please take a look at each style of our College Station Apartments:
1 Bed / 1 Bath Apartment
You are independent and don't need a roommate anymore. Live on your own affordably! These units include a large bedroom and large closet.
1 Bed w/Office / 1 Bath Apartment
For those of you who want to live alone but have amassed enough going for you that a one bedroom doesn't quite cut it anymore.
2 Bed / 1 Bath Apartment
Here it is, the flagship. Well kind of. These are especially appealing to the people who know it's what you keep that is more important than just what you make.