We use an industry standard Texas Apartment Association lease contract and application form. If you have leased before, it is likely just the newest version of what you previously signed. Applications are processed via a secure online site. If you are interested in a unit, we can schedule a time for you to view the unit. If you decide to lease, then we will sit down with you and complete the application and lease paperwork. Your application fees and deposit will be due at time of lease signing. Your prorated 1st month’s rent and any pet addendum deposits can be paid when you pick up your keys at move-in time.

We have a written qualification policy that covers whether or not you will need a guarantor. Unless you have been gainfully employed for two years, you will likely need a lease guarantor. That form can be downloaded and faxed in by your guarantor, so they do not have to attend the lease signing in person. If they are interested in attending, they are more than welcome as they will become party to the lease.

Once your paperwork is completed, it will be processed by the property management personnel. They will notify you when the paperwork is completed and approved.

If you want more details on the TAA lease, you can check their website at www.taa.org and search for “TAA Lease Contract Overview Video” which is an instructional video overview of the lease.

If you cannot make it in town in person to fill out the paperwork, please check the FAQ for: What do I need to do if I’m completing a lease packet by mail?

If you already signed a lease and want to know more about the move-in process, please see the FAQ: I preleased earlier, how do I get my key at move-in time?

If you have any additional questions, please see the FAQ: What if I have a question that is not already answered here?

Thank you.